Classroom Information

Important Classroom Information:

Rossino Class Schedule 16-17 – Revised with new lunch and recess times
Daily Transportation Change
Weekly Transportation Change

Homework Policy 2016
1st Grade Reading Log- August
1st Grade Reading Log – September
1st Grade Reading Log- October
1st Grade Reading Log- November
1st Grade Reading Log – December
1st Grade Reading Log – January
1st Grade Rading Log – February
1st Grade Reading Log – March
1st Grade Reading Log – April
1st Grade Reading Log- May

Volunteer Opportunities:
Click the following links to be a Parent Reader or a Helping Hand!
Parent Reader
Helping Hands

Accelerated Reader
Track your child’s progress and test results by visiting Renaissance Home Connect and doing the following:
1. Type in your child’s AR Username
2. Type in your child’s password, which is their student number
3. Click Login

In Home Connect you can also:
-Click Email Setup at the top of the screen to sign up to receive emails showing your student’s quiz or test results.
-Click Help to get answers to your questions about Renaissance Home Connect.
-Click View My Bookshelf to view tests your child has previously taken.
-Click AR Book Finder to search for AR books.


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