Animal Research Books

Before Spring Break you received a letter telling you about your child’s upcoming Animal Research book and the animal they chose to study. Well, we have been working SO HARD on researching, drawing, and writing our books. Here is a quick update:

-We have ALL finished our covers and title pages! Check out a few examples below šŸ™‚

Now, we are working independently to complete our writing and drawing portion of the books. Students are using their research and notes that they have written to write full, complete sentences for their final drafts. I am so proud of the hard work everyone is putting into their book. We will keep these at school for a while, even once they are finished, but I promise they will make their way home eventually šŸ™‚

As you chat with your child tonight, see if they can tell you where they are in the writing process and some interesting facts they have learned about their animal!

Just for fun – check out these two handsome gents who, with no planning, wore amazing matching shirts today! Loving it šŸ™‚



Happy Wednesday … don’t forget: field trip on Friday! Yay!


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