George Washington Carver (and a check on our plants!)

It was a smooth transition from learning about plant parts and plant needs to learning about George Washington Carver – the plant doctor! After reading some books about Carver, we completed a close reading passage where the students had to pick out important information to highlight (everything is more fun when you can highlight!) We also completed a true/false sort about facts from our passage, a timeline of events of Carver’s life, and each student also recorded new information that they learned about our historical hero.

Throughout this week we have channeled our inner George Washington Carver as we have been watering and caring for our bean plants. Most are growing like crazy, already adorned with stems and leaves, and some are slowly making their way there 🙂

Next week will be very busy for us — we will talk about animal needs, Teddy Roosevelt, and begin our animal research books! Have a great weekend!


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