Basic Needs of Plants + Seed Planting!

Today during our science time we packed a lot in! First, we reviewed the four main parts of a plant (roots, stem, leaves, flower) and the function of each part. (If you didn’t get a chance to see us singing a song about this, check out last Friday’s post!) We then transitioned into talking about what a plant needs to survive. Each child worked on creating a scene to represent the four basic needs of a plant: water, light, soil/nutrients, and air (CO2). We talked about different ways that plant can get water (like from rain or a from a watering can) and how nutrients are kind of like vitamins for the plant — they provide necessary minerals so the leaves can make their food! A few kids need a little more time to finish their illustrations, but some of the ones that are finished are amazing!


While the class was busy completing their “basic needs” drawings, I pulled kids over a few at a time to do some planting of our own 🙂 We each planted two Garden Bean seeds into nutrient rich soil, gave it a little sip of water, and left it in a sunny place. Here’s to hoping that our seeds sprout into plants soon!

Tomorrow we go on our field trip to see a Ballethnic performance! It should be a unique, exciting experience for the class 🙂


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