Sharing the Planet: Functions of Plant Parts

Our 5th IB unit is called “Sharing the Planet” and within this unit we learn so much about plants, animals, national parks, and some very important historical heroes! This week we kicked off the unit by observing the inquiry table, creating a “think map” about the central idea [Interdependence influences balanced relationships], and learning about the parts of a plant.

Most students had some background knowledge already about the four main parts of plant: roots, stem, leaves, and flower. We decided to dig a little deeper and learn about what these parts actually do for the plant. We spent a few days leaning a little tune created by … my mom! This song explains what the four parts of a plant do. Check us out performing below 🙂 See if your child can give you a personal performance at home!

We took our newly learned knowledge and wrote down what each part of the plant does in a little flip book. Next week we will review what a plant needs to survive (basic needs) and maybe even do a little planting ourselves! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend 🙂


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