Finding Facts

This week has been filled with informational texts and I have been loving it! Our weekly story was called “Amazing Animals”, an information piece which gave us facts about eight different animals. We had background knowledge about some of the animals, but also learned some new facts about animals like giraffes and porcupines 🙂 One activity with did with this text involved finding the topic, the main idea, and four new facts that support our main idea. We worked as a class to find the topic and main idea (thanks, text, for giving us the main idea in the first sentence!) and each child worked independently to find their facts.  The following day I decided that our class was ready to take it up a notch, so each kiddo took their notes and transformed them into a beautifully well-written paragraph 🙂 Click on the pictures to really take a look at the amazing work Mary-Grace and Preston produced!

During centers this week I worked with each of my groups to find more facts from an informational text about Lewis and Clark – our historical figures that we have been learning about in Social Studies. I’ll tell you what, kids are willing to work hard when they know a highlighter is involved 🙂 Check it out below:




We are about half-way finished reading and highlighting and drawing through this text, and I can’t wait to finish next week 🙂 We reflected on How the World Works today and next week we will begin Sharing the Planet — one of my favorite IB units 🙂 Stay tuned!



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