Landforms :)

In our current IB unit, How the World Works, we have been really focusing on our central idea — “Systems of the natural world are comprised of patterns”. With each standard that we study in this unit, we are really working hard to relate it back to this idea. It’s been great for the kids to see how landforms are part of our natural world and we see patterns of landforms throughout our country and our world. To learn more about landforms we watched a BrainPopJr. video, made a landform flip book, and created our mini landforms out of clay 🙂 Check out the process below:

  1. Paint the plates to resemble the land and water of our Earth!

2. Construct landforms out of clay and add labels to match! Use landform flip book to be sure you’ve got all 6 landforms!


3. Paint your landforms to show how they would look in real life! Glue on any pieces that may not be sticking anymore 🙂


4. Proudly show your landform plate to the world!! Tell everyone about your mountains, valleys, plateaus, coasts, deserts, and plains!

I love hands-on experiences and hope your child enjoyed making their landform plate! We began talking about Lewis, Clark, and Sacajawea today; more on that later! 🙂


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