Happy SOUPer Bowl Sunday!

As we are all gearing up to cheer on our Falcons, I thought I would share some SOUPer writing that we did last week 🙂 As mentioned in the newsletter, we have been working on opinion writing: what we think or feel about something. I began by introducing what opinion writing is and the best way to set up a writing piece: state your opinion, give 3 supporting reasons, end with a conclusion or closing sentence. I read the class a piece I wrote about the best dogs in the world. See if they can tell you the type of dog I wrote about 🙂

The following day we watched a video of a book online called “Duck! Rabbit!”. In this story there is a picture and two children are explaining why they think the picture is a duck or rabbit. We formed our own opinions as to what we thought the picture was, drew it and wrote an opinion piece about it. Check it out below …


For the last few days of the week, we really focused on going through the entire writing process when writing our next opinion piece. Each child designed their very own soup can and was assigned to write an opinion piece on why their soup was the best! This took us 3 days as we spent one day designing our can, one day writing a rough draft and editing our work, and the last day writing our final draft and putting our work together. I snagged a few pictures of some kids designing their cans and then have some finished work for you to check out. Ask your child about the soup they created!


Enjoy the game today — I’m sure we will all be easing slowly into our days tomorrow 🙂 GO FALCONS!


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