SOUPer Bowl

Our Souper Bowl is in full swing and yesterday we had the opportunity to incorporate this event into our math lessons. We have been learning about efficient ways to count and when we saw how many cans had been donated, it was time to put those strategies into practice. We talked as a class and the kids told me that the fastest way to count the cans would be to group them into 5s or 10s. I divided the kids into groups and let them go for it. After all was said and done, we tip-toed around the piles and counted them all together, starting with our tens and then adding our “extras”. The picture you see next is just showing you our awesome Souper Bowl board … it was taken the first day we started collecting. You will see the numbers at the end and notice that A LOT of soup has been donated!


[339 to 5 … GO FALCONS!]

Tomorrow is the last day to donate cans of soup!! Other classes will be counting today and tomorrow until we get our final total. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed to this amazing event!  Yesterday we also had a very special visitor in the classroom — I will try and post pictures later today or tomorrow … stay tuned 🙂


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