Data Day!

Over the past few days we have started to learn how to organize, represent, and interpret data. We’ve been able to analyze the data we collect by asking and answering questions about the data points. It was crucial that we see firsthand why it is important to organize our data in a way that makes it easy to count. When we first put our sticky notes on our “Our Favorite Book” chart yesterday, they were a mess!! It was so hard to see which had the most and least. Our class decided that putting the sticky notes in a “10 Frame” would make it much easier to count — and it did!! We also translated our data points into tallies and thus made a tally chart ๐Ÿ™‚


Today we made another tally chart about “Favorite Rainy Day Activities”. All I gave the class was the title and they did a great job telling me that we needed choices to vote on. We came up with three, each child voted, and we completed the tally chart below.

We ended today’s lesson with DATA DAY! Each child picked a question to ask his/her peers and came up with three different voting choices. With a class list in hand, students asked their peers their question and marked the answers with tally marks. Everyone was very careful to record WHO they asked by crossing that name off of the list. Here we are in action on Data Day!

Tomorrow we will trade tally charts with a friend and answer questions about the chart we see. I know students will enjoy analyzing and interpreting the graphs that their friends made ๐Ÿ™‚


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