States of Matter experiment

Last week I told you about an experiment we started on Friday and today I am so excited to share more details! In this IB unit, How the World Works, we hit a lot of our grade level science standards, including identifying different forms of precipitation as solid, liquid, or gas, and seeing how the weight of a solid changes as it become a liquid. In this experiment we were able to incorporate both of these standards.

I first gave each table a large cup of ice and told them that we needed to make a snowman. (To preface- I did tell them that this might not work and if we failed we would be good scientists and try again in a different way next week 🙂 )To my [happy] surprise, we did it!

Our next step was to identify the state of matter of our snowman, Snowy. 🙂 Using a chart from last week’s lessons, our class was able to easily identify him as a solid!


We weighed Snowy and found him to weigh 51.25 ounces (with the baking dish included). The kids loved observing him as he slipped and slid around the dish!

As good scientists do, we recorded our findings, noting how much Snowy weighed and that he was a solid.


Today was awesome because we got to observe Snowy again and, like you can imagine, his state definitely changed. Our class immediately identified snowy as a liquid and when we weighed him …. HE WEIGHED THE SAME! [Side note- a few groups got a sliiiiightly lower weight, but we discussed how when we first turned the scale on, it was the same]. Again, we recorded our observations and discussed some scientific words about these changes — the ice melted and became a liquid. Water can freeze into a solid.

As we observe Snowy over this week and next it will be exciting to see what happens to our sweet, liquid snowman 🙂 Tomorrow is the start of First Grade’s SOUPer Bowl — I hope that our class will participate and bring in soup cans to donate to those in need!!


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