Johnny Appleseed and Annie Oakley

After learning about Paul Bunyan and John Henry, two tall tale characters who are fictional, we have spent this week reading and listening to tall tales that have real characters! Johnny Appleseed is a better known tall tale character; many of the kids in our class remember learning a little bit about him in Kindergarten. We read an excellent version of his story and each child created a “Johnny Appleseed Brochure” to share information that they learned throughout the story. Each child worked hard to describe the keys ideas and pieces of information from the text!


After Johnny Appleseed, we read about a famous female tall tale character – Annie Oakley! This little lady is always such a fun tall tale to read; Annie is an amazing example of a strong female who works hard for what she wants in life. I’ve done this writing activity in previous years and this is, by far, the best writing that I’ve seen kids do about Annie Oakley. Check out how we wrote ideas and then turned those ideas into complete sentences. I’m also loving the corresponding pictures 🙂

We started our last tall tale today – Davy Crockett! We will finish our activity about him tomorrow morning before all of the holiday festivities. Can’t believe we are ONE DAY away from break!


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