Spreading Kindness

We have been working on ‘main idea and supporting details’ in reading this week. To reintroduce this concept we read a book that is very familiar to our class: “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?”. As a group we worked on finding the main idea and clues from the text that support this idea. The kids did a great job understanding that this book mostly told “there are many ways to fill someone’s bucket” I was proud of how many examples of details from the text they were able to find that supported this idea 🙂

As an extension of this lesson, each student worked at the writing center to write some of the supporting details that show a way to fill someone’s bucket or just ways to spread kindness that they are working to achieve. Don’t you just love our lights of kindness?! 🙂 I hope that each of every one of us (kids AND adults) can light up the world this holiday season with kindness!


Have a great weekend – hard to believe next week is our last week before winter break! Hope to see everyone at our holiday program, next Tuesday, December 13th at 8:45 am 🙂


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