Comparing and Contrasting

In reading this week we have been working on comparing and contrasting – how are things alike and how are things different. We started by doing a fun activity where students, in pairs, looked at two cute insects and found things that were similar and thing that were different. Using a Venn Diagram, students listed the items that were alike and different.


After getting some practice comparing and contrasting using pictures, we moved on to practicing our skill with a text. We read a short passage about two boys, Ned and Bob, and each child worked independently to figure out how the two boys are alike and how they are different. Many students underlined key words to help them remember important details about each boy — what a great strategy!!


We used our knowledge about comparing and contrasting to compare two different animal groups that we read about in our weekly story “Animal Groups”. We practiced first as a class with Amphibians and Fish and then each child practiced with two different animal groups. I reminded students that we were not using our background knowledge but rather looking back in the text to find information! They rocked it 🙂


As you read at home, try and compare texts you read to each other. You could even use a Venn Diagram like we’ve been practicing! Stay tuned for a post tomorrow about our High Touch High Tech in-school field trip today … it was awesome!


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