Sources of Light

We’ve been hitting our science standards hard this week and finished learning about sources of light. After watching a BrainPopJr. video on light, the kids and I worked to define natural and artificial light. We then wrote and drew some examples together (don’t mind my terrible drawings — art has never been my strong point!)


Next, each child had to pick a random card that had a source of light from my basket. They had to read the word, or words, and illustrate the source of light. We each shared our source of light and taped it in the appropriate category – sun for natural light and light bulb for artificial light.

Take a look at the finished product — pretty awesome, yeah?!

After Thanksgiving break, Ms. Wigdale will continue our light studies and will begin to teach the class about how light, and blocking it, can produce a shadow. I’m proud of how hard our class is working 🙂 2 days until break – we can do it!


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