How We Express Ourselves

Happy Thursday! We have finished our second IB unit, Where We Are In Place and Time, and tomorrow your child will be bringing home a folder filled with projects we completed over the course of the unit. Our science and social studies learning experiences are completion and participation only, so don’t be worried if there isn’t an official “grade” on the pieces 🙂 We are moving quickly into our 3rd unit, How We Express Ourselves. This unit incorporates a lot more science and some of my favorite standards. Before we could get into the thick of everything, we had to activate our prior knowledge and identify our central idea of the unit. Our class created a think map where we read through the central idea and tried to identify any meaning we have. The initial thoughts are written in red. img_5473

After some brainstorming, I had the kids look at our IB bookshelf and we also inspected the Inquiry Table. After these two activities we had a few more ideas about what we might be learning in this unit. Those new ideas are written in blue on the think map above. Below is a picture of our IB bookshelf and our Inquiry Table.


As the kids observed the inquiry table I wrote down questions that they had about the various things that they saw (or listened to 🙂 ). Such great little thinkers I’ve got in this class!


Tomorrow we begin talking about light; specifically sources of light (natural vs. artificial). I’ll keep you posted!


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