Communication continued

Over the last 2 days we have continued talking about communication long ago. One aspect of communication that our class can relate to is how students received, exchanged, and learned new information in school. We read a passage about hornbooks and highlighted important information like what a hornbook is, what it looks like, and things you could find on a hornbook. Kids at this age have tendencies to want to highlight everything so it was good practice just picking out the important information 🙂 Ask your child some important information they learned about hornbooks!

On the backside of our handout was a diagram showing labeled parts of a hornbook. We used this diagram to help us create our very own hornbooks! Each child was encouraged to include the things that would have been on a hornbook long ago — the alphabet, pairs of letters/phonics, and a poem or religious verse. Some students wrote inspiring quotes they loved, random sentences, or a verse they remembered from church. All of the students got a piece of wax paper to represent the cow horn that would have been used to protect the expensive paper. Just like long ago, our hornbooks were similar yet all unique!


Tomorrow we study Thomas Jefferson 🙂 Happy {almost} weekend!


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