Author’s Purpose

We’ve been investigating why author’s write stories and it’s as easy as PIE! Author’s write stories to persuade, inform, and entertain! Our weekly Journeys story was an awesome informational text about different plants and animals in the ocean. It was pretty apparent that the author wrote the story to teach us facts, or to inform us. Although some of the kids already knew a few of the facts, most of learned quite a bit of new information. Can you child share something they learned about blue whales? Or kelp? Ask them!

We did an extension activity after reading the story where they had to prove that the author’s purpose was to inform. Each student had to find 3 details that were presented in the text and draw a matching picture. It was tough for some kids not to use their own background knowledge, but we kept reiterating that they had to find their facts and details in the text!


We also read a story about the ocean called “I’m a Manatee”. Even though the topic was the same, this story did not inform us but was a story written to entertain. It was helpful to compare ocean stories to show how an author’s purpose can be different among similar topics.


As you read each night with your child, see if you can work together to figure out why the author wrote that story. Did you learn facts? Was it just a fun, entertaining story? Or was the author trying to convince you to do or believe something? 🙂


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