Food and Communication

We finished up studying food from long ago by creating gardens that represent how people would have gotten food long ago. We divided our garden into two main sections, Grow & Pick, Hunt & Catch, and then within those section had sub sections: Ground, Trees and Bushes, Forest, Rivers and Lakes. It was great being able to discuss different foods that were grown, hunted, fished and picked long ago. Our creative, artistic class did an amazing job (no surprise to me!)



Today we began our last long ago and today comparison: communication! We reviewed what communication is to begin. Blair had a great definition: how we exchange ideas. Is that brilliant or what? We talked in length about what we use today to communicate ideas at school: we talk, use hand signals, and write with pencils, pens, markers, crayons, highlighters, fancy-schmancy pens, and even smelly markers! We learned that long ago, they definitely did not have so many writing options. Many people long ago wrote with quills, feathers from a goose or turkey. We also learned that paper long ago was made from prepared animal skin and often rolled into a scroll.

Our class followed auditory and visual directions to draw their own scroll and then got to use their very own quill to see what it was like to write long ago. We committed to this project even though it was HARD! We all agreed that it is MUCH easier to write with a pencil than it is to write with a quill and ink šŸ™‚

Tomorrow we will learn about how information was communicated to students long ago and during the last part of the week we will discuss our last historical hero, Thomas Jefferson. šŸ™‚


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