Making Butter

I mentioned in my previous post that yesterday’s social studies lesson incorporated both social studies AND science. We followed the scientific method and made butter! This ties in so well to our current IB unit, Where We Are in Place and Time, and our central idea, Explorations Lead to Discoveries. It also helps students understand a scientific process, as well as the transformation from a liquid to a solid. Double win! We began this lesson by having a discussion about our field trip: what was the kitchen like? What did we see outside of the houses? How did people in 1864 get their food? The kids were easily able to verbalize that long ago people could not just go to the store to get their food – they had to grow it, hunt it, or make it! So- we went with that idea and decided to make some butter.

We began the scientific process by listing our materials and writing out the steps to our experiment. Then, the kids got toshaking! After about 10 minutes of some intense jar shaking, our liquid had turned to a solid and each group had made butter πŸ™‚ We dolloped some butter on a criossoint and enjoyed! Hopefully your child came home excited about the experiment we completed!!

Today the kids will begin designing their own garden, stocked full of things that people long ago would grow, pick, hunt, and catch. We have such an artisitic class that I can’t wait to see how they turn out πŸ™‚


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