Homes and Historical Hero Harriet Tubman

Our current IB unit focuses on comparing things from long ago to today … homes, transportation, clothing, recreation, communication, and food! Our class listened to the story Winter Days in the Big Woods which does a fabulous job illustrating some major differences between homes long ago and home today. The kids noticed many things such as: homes long ago were made of wood; they were small with only  few rooms/windows; many homes had a garden outside that would be used for growing food; candles were the source of light and fireplaces were used to heat the home. We had some great discussions! Our class had to take what they learned to illustrate and write about homes from long ago. They had to draw and color the inside and outside of a home from long ago and write corresponding sentences. In addition, each child had to compare and contrast by writing and drawing about homes today and what their future house would be like. We read the book “If I built a House” to help with some creative ideas 🙂 Here’s an awesome example from Mary-Grace 🙂




Last week while talking about transportation we also discussed a very important woman, Harriet Tubman! During guided reading we read an on-level text about this historical hero and did some “prove-it” work to find answers to questions. The kids loved the highlighters and I loved that they looked back in their text — a true win-win!


As an extension activity, students created a Harriet Tubman poster and used our IB attitudes and learner profile traits to describe the kind of person Harriet was. I created some “IB Menus” that listed our important IB words that the kids were able to look at to help them remember the meaning and spell each word correctly. Like Harriet, our class had to show commitment and independence during this activity. They turned out super cute 🙂


We are continuing our studies this week with clothing and recreation from long ago. Stay tuned for more!


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