Transportation has changed over time!

We’ve been busy this week exploring how transportation has changed over time. Before we could begin our explorations, we had to first fully understand what transportation is. After a brainstorming session, we agreed on a definition: how you get from one place to another. The kids were divided into groups and had the task of brainstorming various modes of transportation on the ground, in the water, and in the air. Our class showed amazing cooperation while they worked and were risk-takers when they presented their posters to the class 🙂



The following day we began thinking about how transportation has changed over time. The kids were given pictures of different modes of transportation and had the task of trying to put them in order from oldest to newest. Our class really had to be thinkers to accomplish this assignment and rocked it!


To finish up our studies, we read a book about the Wright brothers and learned that with commitment and an open mind they were able to invent the airplane — transportation that we use so frequently today! Our class was inspired by the hard work of the Wright brothers and we decided to try our luck with some exploration — what better to do that with than the paper airplane! We folded, and re-folded, and folded some more and were [marginally] successful. Our girl Chloe created a plane that flew the farthest and explained in detail the steps the took to make her plane. Sorry in advance if your child is now obsessed with paper airplane making — we had a ball 🙂


Have a great fall break! See you back to school on Wednesday!


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