Ben Franklin and a phonics story

During guided reading time last week I pulled small groups of students to read and listen to books about an important historical hero, Benjamin Franklin. Each group had the opportunity to hear me read a text and to read a text independently (with some support). The goal was to flag any new facts we learned and then go back and record two of those facts on a Benjamin Franklin fact kite. I thoroughly enjoyed the questions that the kids asked, as well as their finished kites. I hope your child can tell you a few things the learned about Ben Franklin!


One other thing I wanted to share is an activity we sometime do during our phonics lesson. Towards the end of the week, we often have a story that is a decodable text for the kids to read. That means that every word in the story follows a rule we have already learned or is a sight word. I love decodable texts because it gives all students the opportunity to feel successful in their reading! We look at the story all together as a class and practice reading it fluently (not like a robot!) and then the kids have the opportunity to read it independently. This week, I wanted to make sure that our class was not only able to read the story but also comprehend what it was telling us. What’s a good way of assessing this? Having the kids illustrate what they read! Each child got a book version of our story and had to read it independently and then illustrate what was happening on each page. Hopefully these stories made it home and your child was able to read the text and tell you about what was happening on each page 🙂


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