Where We Are in Place and Time

We’ve started our new IB unit- Where We Are in Place and Time! Our central idea is: Explorations lead to discoveries. We began this unit by brainstorming what this central idea could mean… what words do we understand? Can we make any connections? Our class had A LOT of ideas!! It will be so beneficial to refer back to our think map and edit/add ideas as the unit progresses.

One other very cool thing we have in this unit is our inquiry table. The inquiry table has objects related to the unit to get kids thinking about what we could learn. We spent some time looking at the objects, asking questions, and then adding additional ideas to our think map. We love encouraging kids to WONDER and THINK about each and every thing we could potentially learn about! Here are some snapshots of our exploration of the inquiry table.

This week we have also learned about an important historical hero and started comparing houses from long ago to today. More on those two happenings later ☺️


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