Healthy Choices and Balanced Plates

In our unit, Who We Are, one of our IB Profile focus words is “balanced”. As a class we made a think map about what it means to live a balanced life. The kids came up with some amazing ideas: getting enough sleep, eating fruits and vegetables. keeping fit and exercising, making and keeping friends … pretty fabulous thoughts, don’t you think? One aspect that we focused on this week about living a balanced life is making healthy food choices. We watched an awesome BrainPopJr. video that introduced us to the main food groups and showed examples of food in each. We also read a great book from the library called “Healthy Eating” that reiterated the information about how to have a balanced plate. The kids then were given many different pictures of food and had to color and sort them into their correct food group. I hope your child brought home their balanced plate and you found a great spot to hang so they can start making smart, healthy choices about their food 🙂

As an extension activity and as a way to combine writing (poetry) and our IB unit, each child worked on an “I am What I Eat” poem. Since our food choices directly affect our bodies (inside and outside) it was cute to see a literal representation of a healthy body 🙂 Are these not the CUTEST drawings and poems you have ever seen?!


I love seeing the healthy snacks and lunches that your children are bringing to school each day. I hope your child can start picking out heathy snacks and maybe even help you cook some healthy meals! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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