In reading we have been working on putting the events of a story in order, or sequencing! Our class made an anchor chart with the definition of sequencing and the four key words we generally associate with putting things in order: First, Next, Then, Last.

Because this is a new skill, we practiced first with a read-aloud text that many of the kids had already heard before- Click, Clack, Moo Cows That Type. This books is cute on so many levels and works well with our sequencing skills. The class listened while I read the story aloud and afterward, we worked together to match our 4 key words with sentences that describe events in the story. It took a lot of communication and collaboration but we figured it out 🙂 I wonder if your child can retell you the story, using sequencing words like first, next, and last?

During center time I pulled some small groups for additional practice with sequencing. Blair and Mary-Grace both rocked their reading and were able to look back in their text to put the pictures in the order that they happened. Check it out:

The last two days we have been working to sequence our story of the week, Curious George at School. We have read the story as a class and the children have read it independently. We worked to name the events and put them in order and now each child is writing their own sentences with matching pictures. I’m really proud of how our class can take their knowledge from our whole group lessons and apply them to an independent activity. 🙂 I encourage you to ask your child lots of questions when you read at home, especially questions that relate to sequencing: what happened first? Can you tell me about the middle of the story? How did the story end? Happy reading! 🙂


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