As you know, we have been working through our IB unit, Who We Are, and unpacking our central idea- “Relationships Connect Communities”. We read the book “Officer Buckle and Gloria” and discussed how safety is a HUGE part of communities (school communities, home communities, cities, and so on!). We made a list of school safety tips and each child picked out 3 safety tips that they put into a safety tip flip book! The kids illustrated each safety tip. Check out Rebecca and Jasiyah’s flip books below. Super cute!

[PS- I am keeping a lot of our “IB” work because at the unit each student will pick out a piece to put in their IB portfolio. After they pick their piece they will be able to bring the rest home 🙂 ]


We had the pleasure of welcoming Officer Adams to Jackson Primary last week to talk about his role at the school, the various parts of his uniform, and the kids even got to ask him some questions. Officer Adams really knows how to keep the little ones engaged – ask your child about his funny presentation! 🙂

Looking forward to another wonderful week in first grade! 🙂



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