Decomposing Numbers

In math we have been thinking about different ways to break apart numbers- or, how to decompose numbers. Our thoughts have been: how can we make 6? 7? 8? What are the parts that make up each total? One game we learned to help us with this concept is called “Shake Those Disks”. In this game, a total number of disks is placed in a cup (say, 6). One child shakes the cup and pours out the disks. Because the disks are two-sided with different colors, each pour shows a different way to make the total — 4 red and 2 yellow give me a total of 6. 5 yellow and 1 red makes 6 total… and so on 🙂 This game is so easy to play and can really be played with any object that is two sided (spray-painted beans, bingo chips that are two sided, etc.). The kids have gotten so fluent at seeing the various combinations to make numbers. Here we are in action:


 Pairs recorded how many of each combination they poured. Graphing and decomposing numbers… Score! I encourage you to try this game with your child! If they have mastered 6, 7, and 8 try some bigger numbers- 9, 10 and beyond. I love how our math studies are setting a solid foundation for all things to come ☺️


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