Main Idea


Our story this week, Pals, tied in so nicely to our IB unit and central idea. Through this story we were able to see many examples of what it means to be a friend. We worked as a class to figure out what the main idea of the story was. We learned that main idea means “what the story is mostly about”. We could obviously state that the story was about “pals” but upon digger deeper our class was able to come up with some great ideas that could be the main idea!

We decided that Rebecca’s thought, “Pals can be bucket fillers” summed up the main idea perfectly. Each student then went back to their story and looked for words and pictures that supported the idea of friends being bucket fillers. The class had a choice to write words or draw picture to represent their ideas. Here are some great examples of our work:


A pal can help you. A pal is fun to be with. A pal can be a pet.


A pal can be a pet. A pal is fun to be with. A pal can be a dad.



Main idea is a tough concept, especially so early in the year, but I am SO proud of how hard our class worked 🙂


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