Who We Are

We are hitting the ground running with our academics. We began our first IB unit, Who We Are, last week, and are really starting to dig into our central idea- “Relationships Connect Communities”. We completed a think-map as a class to break down our central idea and see if we could make any connections to the words. I think our class came up with some amazing ideas!! Check it out:


When Pranav heard our central idea he immediately wanted to share that he thought of “friendship”. He is so right! We have spent the first days of this week talking about friendships in many different communities (school, home, church, sports, neighborhoods) and the importance of being a good friend. The class agreed that making new friends was so important. We did an activity where each child “interviewed” a fellow classmate to learn more about their interest 🙂



To extend our activity, students were then asked to take their interview notes and turn them into sentences about their new friend. We are working so hard on gripping our pencil correctly, using the lines the guide our writing and stretching out words to hear as many sounds as we can. Are you impressed or what?!

My new friend is Leni. Blue is his favorite color. His birthday is February.


My new friend is Adiv. His favorite color is red. His favorite food is spaghetti. His favorite book is Fly Guy. He has a baby brother. His favorite sport is soccer.

My new friend is Preston. I like him. He is my best friend. He likes baseball.


My new friend is Nyla. Her favorite color is blue. Her favorite sport is boxing.


Friendship and kindness are so important and I feel incredibly lucky that my class embodies so much love and respect for one another! I can’t wait to tell you about our first story of the week and finding the MAIN IDEA. More updates soon; stay tuned!


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