First Day, hooray!

We had a GREAT first day of first grade 🙂 As the kids came in this morning they worked on drawing and coloring a self-portrait. I can already tell that we have some creative, budding artists in our class!


We continued our day with learning and practicing routines and procedures about coming in each morning (can you child tell you where their snack and folder go each morning?) 🙂 Before we knew it, it was time for recess – yay! Check out our cutie-patooties at play time:


After recess we had snack and a special treat: Jitter Juice! After reading ‘First Day Jitters’ (ask your child who the character is this story really was!) we discussed things that made us nervous about the first day.  We realized we all had a few jitters so the Jitter Juice (a magic drink that helps all of our butterflies fly away) was very helpful!


One of the last things we did was to work together to make our classroom “Essential Agreements” — agreed upon rules that we promise to follow as citizens of our class community. We read “David Goes to School” and learned so many things we shouldn’t do (David is naughty!!). But that really helped us realize what good students should do 🙂 The students then listened to me give directions and learned to draw David — again, SUPER cute.


I feel so lucky to have been given such a wonderful class this year — I can already tell we are going to have so much fun and learn lots!


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