Historical Heroes

We’ve spent the last two weeks studying two very important historical heroes: George Washington Carver and Teddy Roosevelt. Both heroes connect very well to our plant and animal studies. Ask your child if they can tell you any facts about either of these important men 🙂 Here are two projects that we created to help show our knowledge…For the first, we made a George Washington Carver (thanks for cutting ALL the pieces, Natalie Martin!)and wrote facts and adjectives on peanuts.

photo 1photo 2photo 3photo 4

The second project is one of my favorites. We learned that Teddy Roosevelt was crucial in creating national parks to protect plants and animals. We made a national park brochure/pamphlet to give information about plants and animals, specifically what they need to survive, as well as to tell facts about our 26th president! In this brochure we were also able to review map skills and draw a map of our national park, complete with a compass rose and a map key. Such a cool way to show what we know about plants, animals, and Teddy Roosevelt! 🙂


Today we get to see the 5th grade musical, The Lion King! I am so excited and know that Mr. White will put on a wonderful show! Be on the lookout for pictures 🙂


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