Good Readers Visualize!

We learned that “visualizing” means to make a mental picture while you read. Even though a lot of the books in our classroom have pictures, it is still so important to be able to make a picture in your head of what is going on — what characters look like, where the setting is, etc.

We practiced visualizing by listening to a poem…just the beginning at first to get our first visualization. Then, after the kids drew what they pictured in their mind, I read them the rest of the poem. Their visualizations changed a lot! Check out the poem and how our visualizations changed!

My Neighbor’s Dog by Jack Prelutsky

My neighbor’s dog is purple
His eyes are large and green
His tail is almost endless
The longest I have seen

My neighbor’s dog is quiet
It does not bark one bit
But when my neighbor’s dog is near
I feel afraid of it

My neighbor’s dog is nasty
It has a wicked smile
Before my neighbor painted it,
It was a crocodile!


We spent a few minutes sharing with our peers how our visualizations changed. I love hearing the amazing conversations that our kids have!

When you are reading at home, try keeping the pictures hidden and ask your child, “What do you visualize?” 🙂 Happy reading!


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