Freedom Quilt

This week we have been learning about Harriet Tubman and her contributions in our history. We’ve learned that Harriet Tubman helped 300 slaves escape slavery by walking, or riding in a hidden compartment of a wagon, from the South to the North, especially to Canada. The secret routes and safe houses that Harriet Tubman used along the way were called the Underground Railroad. Slaves who were trying to escape used a series of symbols to help them know when to go, what to bring, and where to go. We read an amazing story today called The Patchwork Path, which illustrated how a salve trying to get to freedom would use a Freedom Quilt along the way. Our class decided to make our own Freedom Quilt, using the same symbols that we read about in our story. We have 2 more to add tomorrow and then I can show you a picture of the final product! 🙂


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