Writing with quills

Welcome back and Happy 2016! I hope everyone had a fantastic break 🙂 Today was a wonderful first day back — the kids worked hard and didn’t miss a beat. During Social Studies we reviewed the “long ago and today” comparisons we completed before break to jog our memory. Then we began talking about how people communicated long ago. They didn’t have FaceTime, texting, and e-mails like we have today. Long, long ago, they didn’t even have pens! We read a short excerpt about what quills are and then practice writing with our very own. The kids really enjoyed it but thought that it took a while and that it was a little more difficult to have neat handwriting 🙂 Check us out in action, writing on some scroll that we drew ourselves! Pretty awesome, right?


Today was also a special day because we welcomed a new student to our class. We are so glad to have you, Tyler! Welcome to Jackson!


Lots more to come in this second half of the year…. 🙂


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