Clothing from Long Ago

This week our “Long Ago” focus has been on clothing and how it has changed over time. We worked on a timeline to have a visual so we could see how colors, patterns, and types of clothing have evolved. Our timeline started with the Native Americans in the 1500s and continued in 100 year increments, ending with today, 2015. While the kids were given words and pictures for each part of the timeline, we enjoyed reading each paragraph together and discussing the changes we observed from picture to picture. For the “today” spot on the timeline, each child had to draw a picture that represented clothing today and write a sentence or two describing their picture. They turned out so cute 🙂


After we finished our timeline the class had to pick some of their favorite clothing from long ago and add it to the inside of their flip book. Here are awesome examples …

Next wee we will dive into houses from the past and Benjamin Franklin. Our field trip to the Atlanta History Center on Wednesday will be such a great tie-in to all of these things we are learning. Can’t wait!


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