Long Ago & Today

This week we began our next I.B. unit – Where We Are in Place and Time – which has a heavy focus on comparing and contrasting life today to life long ago. We slowly transitioned into this unit by thinking about 6 categories in the present time (today). Those 6 categories were: food, clothing, homes, recreation, communication, and transportation. We brainstormed and then got working. Check out these amazing examples. I think we have a great grasp on what kinds of things we do/use/wear today!


After getting a firm grasp on how things are today, we started discussing how these 6 categories have changed over time – how they were different long ago. This week our focus is on how food has changed. We read a few excerpts from some books that showed us how the selections were different long ago (no processed foods!), the way people GOT their food was different (no Publix or Trader Joe’s!), and even how preparing food was different (how about cooking over a fire!).


As a hands-on learning activity, we made homemade butter using heavy cream, a jar, and some good old-fashioned hard work! The results were delicious!

While it was super fun making our own spread, I think we can all agree that it was a lot of work! 🙂 Tomorrow I am excited to chop some veggies for our Appreciation Feast on Thursday!


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