Water Experiments

For the last part of this I.B. unit – How the World Works – our focus has been on water. We completed two different experiments, each showing us something different about water. For our first experiment we looked at water in two different states – as a liquid and as a solid. Following the scientific method, we asked, “Will water weight more as a liquid or as a solid?”. Each child made a hypothesis. Then, we experimented. First, we weighed water as a liquid. Then, we decided to change the state of the water. We put it in the freezer and overnight it became a solid (ice!). We weighed the ice and found out …. ask your kid; they will enjoy telling you what we found out 🙂

For our second experiment we also followed the scientific method. With two cups- one with a lid and one without, both half full with water, we asked, “Will the water level change?” We listed our materials, asked our question, and made a hypothesis.
Next, we wrote about the experiment. We observed our cups on the first day, and then let them sit for 6 days! Here you can see Case’s results and conclusion. We found out that the water in the cup without the lid EVAPORATED! We will be learning more about this with Ms. Wigdale but for now, we have a much better understanding of where that water went 🙂


We will keep our cups out and see if our predictions are correct that the remainder of the water will also evaporate in that cup without a lid 🙂


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