Rain Gauges

Drum roll for our next weather tool …. the RAIN GAUGE! And what a perfect week to make it!

I gave each child a rain gauge (pre-cut and taped by the wonderful fiance, Matt) and had them look, observe and talk with their peers about what it could be. Some people thought it might measure wind … others thought maybe the tape down the side was like a thermometer. A few knew it had something to do with rain! We talked about what we could measure — the temperature of the rain? No. The size of the raindrops? Not really. How much rain has fallen? YES. So the next question became, what units do we use to measure? A crayon was too tall … so was a glue stick. Avery thought of using tiny base ten blocks — too small! But what did Beverly find? A CUBE! Perfect. We measured with our cubes and marked our rain gauges.



Tuesday was a perfect night to leave our rain gauges outside and yesterday we went out to see if any precipitation had accumulated in our tools. Most kids found that it rained about 1 cube 🙂 Hopefully you found a good spot to keep your child’s rain gauge and measure the rainfall!




We are finishing up weather presentations today — yesterday’s were awesome and I can’t see what today will bring!


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