We are starting to learn about weather tools! After learning about seasons and weather it makes sense that we are now figuring out how to best measure the weather đŸ™‚ The first tool we learned about is the thermometer — a tool that measures temperature. Temperature is how hot or cold something is. We practiced reading temperatures on thermometers and drawing temperatures on thermometers. This was great practice just to get the hang of the tool. We had a little confusion on what certain temperatures feel like (Is 30 degrees HOT? YES! — uh oh!) so each child made their own thermometer and labeled various segments using familiar weather words. We also drew some pictures to help us represent temperatures using weather pictures.




Obviously our “red liquid” wasn’t mercury or alcohol, just a red pipe cleaner, but it was still fun to practice showing very hot temperatures, freezing temperatures, and everything in between. Stay tuned for more tools!


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