Seasons and Weather

Our second I.B. unit is off to a rocking start! We began our studies by looking at patterns we see throughout the year, both with seasons and the weather patterns within each season. I gave the class a large piece of paper which I had divided two ways — into 4 quadrants and with one circle in the center. I handed out pictures containing words (months of the year) and season pictures and we had to figure out what the poster represented and where the words belonged. It took A LOT of cooperation and even more communication. But — we figured it out πŸ™‚ The circled represented our months in a cycle of a year. The 4 quadrants represented our seasons (Alex came up with that idea –awesome, Alex!!) We added some weather words to our poster and even made some notes in our inquiry notebook.


We continued throughout the week by looking at weather words and writing a sentence about the season in which would find that weather. This allowed the students to take their knowledge and represent it with pictures and words.






The last activity we did was just a fun, creative one. Similar to our poster, each child was given a paper that was divided into the four seasons. There was an illustration of a tree in the center and each child had to represent the season using paintings (with a Q-tip), drawings, words, or sentences. They could include typical happenings in the season (like flowers blooming or leaves changing colors) as well as weather representations (like wind blowing, rain falling, etc.). Here we are working hard —




I will post some pictures of the final products tomorrow. Hope you are enjoying this lovely fall weather πŸ™‚


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