Social Studies

We have started our 2nd I.B. unit – How the World Works. Our central idea is a tough one — “Systems of the natural world are comprised of patterns”. Check out our brainstorming of what this idea could be about :
The word “natural” really stuck out to us. One thing in our world that comes naturally is a landform. We learned, by watching a BrainPop video, that landforms are naturally occurring features on the Earth’s surface. To help us remember key landforms, we made awesome flip books that represented six features we must know by the end of first grade. Here’s Grant’s amazing example:






Hopefully your child can now name and identify a mountain, valley, plateau, plain, desert and coast!

The study of landforms is continuing this week in two ways. First, we are working on building 3D maps of the landforms we have been studying. Pictures and final products of that coming soon 🙂 Second, we have transitioned nicely into learning about important historical heroes Meriwether Lewis, William Clark and Sacagawea. A short video helped us learn about their journey to the Pacific Ocean. We looked at a map that showed Lewis and Clark’s journey and marked the map to show what landforms they would have seen on their adventure. I could really tell who has a good grasp on the different landforms we have been studying!


Check out those Appalachian and Rocky Mountain, The Great Plains, a desert in the Southwest and the coast these explorers were so hopeful to find – the west coast! I’m really proud of the care and precision that most students put into their map… we are learning to be great self-monitors! 🙂 Check back this week for a few more updates.


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