A summary of Who We Are

I can’t believe our first I.B. unit, Who We Are, is finished! We have worked diligently for over 6 weeks and have learned a lot. As a final project, each child made a kid to represent all of the different things they have learned throughout the unit. Our kids are comprised of: a community we are a part of, a way to be caring, foods that keep us balanced, ways to be a good friend, and two safety tips. Be on the lookout for these projects to come home tomorrow. Many other I.B. projects that we completed will be coming home next week 🙂








Today was also a great day because we had a special visitor, school counselor Danette Smith, come and teach a lesson in our room. Mrs. Smith explained her job to the class (ask your kiddo what she does!) and taught us about friendly and unfriendly things we can do and say here in school. We also met Garrison and Gloria — two (paper) students who have had some trouble with each other. It was great to hear their stories and find solutions of how they could have solved them. After Mrs. Smith left we took a few minutes to say one friendly thing to our peers and also to apologize if we’ve ever wrinkled anyone’s heart. After the many lessons we’ve done in here about kindness, respect, and being friendly, it was great to hear it come from another teacher and I think our class really responded well. Here we are with Gloria and Garrison and happy that we are a FRIENDLY class 🙂




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