5s, Nouns, and Science with Ms. Wigdale

So we are only 11 days into school but, man, are we BUSY! This week has been filled with so much learning (and lots of rain – boo!) and it’s only half finished! Our focus in math has been extending the counting sequence. We reviewed skip counting by 10 last week and are working on a slightly harder skill this week – skip counting by 5. We marked a hundred’s chart to see patterns and practiced writing our skip counts on hands (because hands have 5 fingers so it’s an easy way to represent that count 🙂 ). Check out Luke’s entry in his Inquiry Notebook. Awesome!

IMG_3026 IMG_3027

Most of the kids can get to 100 pretty easily. After 100 things get a bit tougher at this point in the year. If you are wondering how you can help your child at home, have them practice their skip counts (10s and 5s — 2s if you’re a risk taker!) past 100. It’s a challenge but must be conquered in first grade!

In Language Arts we jumped right into nouns. After watching an amazing Brain Pop Jr. video on nouns, we worked as a  class to answer the question “What is a noun?” and made an anchor chart to show examples.


In their Inquiry Notebooks, each student had to represent nouns (people, places and things) with words and/or pictures. Here’s Keyuri’s — beautiful handwriting and great examples.


I also partnered the kids up and had them color code 25 nouns to show whether they are people, places or things. We reviewed the words together first as some of them were long and tricky.


Lastly for today, has your child told you about Mrs. Wigdale coming into our classroom on Wednesdays? Ms. Wigdale is one of our challenge teachers and does a science enrichment class every Wednesday with us. last week we began to learn about the scientific method (that paper came home today – take a look!) and today we did a fun experiment about states of matter and molecules. I wonder if your child can explain why the egg fell into the jar? Or how Mrs. Wigdale got it out? 🙂

IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3024

That’s all for now. Check back later this work for more updates 🙂


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