Relationships Connect Communities

Our first I.B. unit (Who We Are) has the central idea that “relationships connect communities”. It’s hard to know exactly what that means at this point, so we took a little time to think about each word, if we’ve heard it before, and what it makes us this of. Check out our anchor chart. Do you have any additional guesses of what we might learn in this unit?

Friendships are so important to discuss in the beginning of the year (and all throughout!) and friendship definitely relates to our central idea of “relationships connect communities”.  Today we did an activity where we had to “Find a Friend Who Likes…”. The kids enjoyed “mixing and mingling” and figuring out fun new facts about the peers in their class. The papers came home today — have your child share it with you and maybe you can learn a little more about the kids in our class, too!





In math we’ve been working on skip counting by 10s. Be on the lookout for a post about what we’ve learned and how we practice! I wonder if we will be able to make a connection between our skip counting and our central idea! 🙂


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