Sports Day, Celebrating Mrs. King, Beatirce’s Goat and Luau Day!

Sports Day:

IMG_2622 IMG_2623 IMG_2641 IMG_2624

We made Sports Trading Cards as a relaxing activity after we played hard all morning. They did a great job 🙂

IMG_2635 IMG_2637 IMG_2638 IMG_2639 IMG_2640

This morning we honored Mrs. King as she is retiring at the end of the school year. The kids loved making cards for her earlier this week and it was really special to hear all of the nice things teachers and students had to say. HUGE thanks to Rhea Leigh Swalm, Kelly Laurent, and Traci West for putting together such a wonderful ceremony. We will all truly miss such a great leader … have a great retirement, Mrs. King!

IMG_2644 IMG_2645 IMG_2646 IMG_2647 IMG_2648

Today we received the last of our “Beatrice’s Goat” money — WOW. We raised a grand total of …. $129! That’s enough to buy a goat and a share of another animal 🙂 I am SO proud of the hard work our students did to earn and raise money for such a great cause. Here are the kids who contributed, and a snapshot of us counting the money. I will be sure to send an update once the animals have been purchased — first grade raised a total of almost $1,000!!! It will be so amazing to see what animals each class decided to buy 🙂


These kids ROCK! Thanks for your hard work to earn money!


And finally, Luau Day! Thank you SO, SO much to Farrha, Ely, Nana, and Sarah for an amazing end of the year party. From the volcano doughnut tower to the leis to limbo to the mini beach balls – the kids had a blast. Also – great job with the outfits, parents … our class looked amazing 🙂


The Limbo CHAMP! Go Annie!

IMG_2643 IMG_2652 IMG_2653 IMG_2654 IMG_2655 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2660 IMG_2662 IMG_2663

Have the best summer ever! I will see you at the Main Campus next year!! ❤ you all!


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