Finishing Up Fractions

Today we took our little “show me what you know” quiz on fractions. As I glance through them they look great! A few misconceptions still about what constitutes an “equal piece” and and that tricky denominator – but overall, not bad 🙂

Over the past few weeks we have had quite a bit of practice partitioning shapes and writing fractions. Along with our kites and pizzas, our class also made “Fractionpillars” which focused on naming a group as the whole, rather than just one single shape. Students had the opportunity to pick 3 different colors and up to 10 pom-poms to create their caterpillar. They then had to tell me what fraction of their whole caterpillar was a certain color. Check out these examples:

IMG_2401 IMG_2402

I am planning to have these hung up in the hallway in the next few days – come by and check them out!

A few days ago I posed a VERY serious questions to the class: “You love cookies. Would you rather have 1/8 of a cookie or 1/4 of a cookie? Why?” 🙂 This, of course, was a lead into a discussion about the denominator, what it tells us, and what happens when it changes. When students first answered this question in their Discovery notebook, I had a few that said 1/4 but most said 1/8 – thinking that it would be a bigger piece.

IMG_2399 IMG_2400

We chatted and drew pictures and ultimately decided that for a cookie lover, 1/4 of a cookie would be a better choice because you get MORE; you get a bigger share! Our class learned that the bigger the denominator, the smaller the shares or pieces (because you have to share with more people!) I had each student write and draw about this new learning.

IMG_2391 IMG_2392 IMG_2393 IMG_2394 IMG_2395 IMG_2396 IMG_2397 IMG_2398

If it’s hard to read the writing, please click on the picture to enlarge it — these ideas are GREAT. Nice work, class! 🙂


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