Fraction Fun

Fractions are a tough concept for first graders. We have been working hard, though, and are starting to understand that a fraction is a part of a whole (not the hole you dig in, whole meaning the “entire thing” 🙂 ). We made a small book to show various fractions and help us remember that the parts of a fraction must be equal.

IMG_2345 IMG_2346 IMG_2347 IMG_2348 IMG_2349 IMG_2350 IMG_2351

Taking our knowledge about fractions, we completed two activities – fraction kites and fraction pizzas. In both activities, students had to divide a shape into equal parts, label the fractions, and be able to read the fractions that they wrote. For our Fraction Kites, we also practiced writing the word form of the fraction (for example- “one fourth”).

IMG_2343 IMG_2344 IMG_2354 IMG_2356 IMG_2357


One thing I would suggest for practice at home: please reiterate that the denominator, or the number on the bottom of a fraction, tells the total number of pieces (some of us still want to write that number as the amount not shaded). Also, a HUGE thank-you to Emily Yale for cutting out all of the pieces for both activities – we appreciate you! 🙂 Next week we will continue working with fractions and begin studying equality – stay tuned!


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