2D Shapes

Our geometry unit is in full swing and we have spent the last few weeks reviewing many 2D shapes. In first grade we put a lot of focus into what makes a shape a shape, or the defining attributes. We have learned that vertices, sides, and whether a shape is open or closed are a few important defining attributes. We know that things like color, size, orientation, and location can help describe a shape, but don’t define a shape 🙂

To practice using defining attributes to define shapes, we completed an activity where students tried to figure how a shape would describe itself — using defining attributes of course! We made an anchor chart as a class where each pair was given either a shape name or defining attributes. Pairs had to find their match and thus our chart was created 🙂 Students then were given a shape and they had to think: “What does the shape say?”. They wrote defining attributes of their shape and, of course, turned their shape into an adorable fox (like from “What does the fox say?!). All of our class’s wonderful work is out in the hallway — come by and check it out!





We have a very busy few weeks until Spring Break — here’s to lots of posts and hard work until then! 🙂


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