Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

So we are a little late celebrating Dr. Seuss’s birthday — but better late than never, right?! Today we read my favorite Dr. Seuss book (Green Eggs & Ham — check out my picture hanging in the Library; I’m holding that book! 🙂 ) and started a super cute class book. I’m keeping the details secret for now but will post when it’s finished. A little hint – we brainstormed food we would eat and places we would eat it — but both words had to rhyme (cake on a lake, frog on a log, etc.). Can’t wait until we finish!

Each child also got a plethora of fun Dr. Seuss goodies — bags, pencils, bookmarks, erasers … Thank you so much to Traci for providing our class with these treats!! 🙂

IMG_2195[1] IMG_2196[1] IMG_2197[1] IMG_2198[1] IMG_2199[1]

Dr. Seuss books are SUCH a great way to teach literary elements like rhyming, exaggeration, fantasy/reality, onomatopoeia, and so much more. What’s your favorite Dr. Seuss book to read?


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